There are plenty of carbon offsetting companies around the world. Some are for-profit, some are charities, and some are cooperatives like us. They operate in a variety of ways and to a variety of standards and certifications.

So why should you offset your carbon in Ireland instead of with an organisation who offsets abroad?

Firstly, there are wider benefits to the carbon offsetting projects we invest in. They help to clean the air and generate natural habitats for native plants and animals to thrive. This means that Irish people, Irish animals, and Irish communities are directly impacted by your offsetting.

Additionally, our contributions to bog rewetting help farmers by moderating water flow and flooding around the bogs. A well-maintained bog is excellent at absorbing water and releasing it slowly to keep land hydrated.

We lease our land from farmers and landowners, which generates an income for them. We want to help smaller farms and family-owned farms to profit from marginal land as well.

On top of that, we are working under well-respected codes and regulations that you can trust. All the information about these codes is available online. There is excellent transparency with our systems and you can even come to visit our bogs and native woodlands.

Finally, it sets a great example for our government to follow. We want to see more investment in making Ireland green and healthy. The better this industry does here the better it will be for the people of Ireland.