Climate change has been observed since the 20th century. It is caused by the “greenhouse effect” – where the atmosphere traps heat from space instead of allowing it to escape.

A number of gases that are generated by human activity have been identified as causing this effect. Some of these gases are: water vapour, methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide.

On Earth, human activities are changing the natural greenhouse. Over the last century the burning of fossil fuels like coal and oil has increased the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2). 


Almost everything that we do in our lives and as organisations generates some of these gases.

Climate change is leading to –

  • hotter temperatures,
  • changing rain and moisture patterns (more droughts and floods),
  • melting glaciers and sea-level rise,
  • extreme weather events,
  • soil erosion and degradation,
  • challenges with growing food crops in some areas,
  • new pests and pathogens thriving where they couldn’t before,
  • higher farming costs to combat the above.

The acceleration of climate change is leading to a climate crisis across all peoples and all industries.

All of our lives will be impacted by accelerating and uncontrolled climate change. The people who will be most affected are those in lower socioeconomic groups – who often contribute the least to emissions.

We all need to work together and make changes to combat climate change. The damage of the climate crisis can be mitigated if we all act and we act now.