The climate is changing and we know we need to do something. We all need to act now, businesses, organisations, collectives, and individuals.

But, where do we start? What will make the biggest difference?

Follow the Carbon Management Hierarchy

This hierarchy is a sequence that can help you make choices that will reduce your CO2 emissions. Considering your business, your organisation, of your lifestyle, start at the top and ask how you can make greener choices.

There are so many solutions out there, waiting for us to choose them. Avoid unnecessary activities entirely to avoid the whole carbon footprint of that action. This could include reducing your business flights, or not sending out physical mail to clients. At home, it could be buying fewer clothes or mending a pillow instead of buying a new one.

If you can’t avoid it – reduce it. Print double-sided to reduce your paper use. Carpool to reduce transport emissions. Turn down work screen’s brightness. Turn down the office heating a degree or two. Buy fewer promotional products. Individuals can reduce their meat and animal product consumption, reduce food waste, or the amount that they drive.

Replace suppliers with more sustainable ones. If your power supplier doesn’t use renewable energy – find a new one. If your printing contractor doesn’t offer recycled paper stock – find one who does. If you are currently burning coal or peat for heat and energy – switch to renewable biomass or another renewable source.

And finally, when you have cut down your emissions to as low as they can practically go, it is time to offset the rest. Offsetting is here to help with things that have to occur but it is not a silver bullet.

We would much rather get less of your money because you have done a fantastic job of making sure your emissions are as small as possible. That means there is less carbon in the air, which is better for everyone.

In addition to doing what we can do for the emissions we are responsible for, we can also make wider changes. Pushing political representatives and corporate bodies to make sweeping changes will even the footing of all businesses trying to be better. It will bring laws into place which will make being green easier and cheaper for everyone.