In order to re-wet bogs and plant native forests, we need land. Instead of buying the land, we rent it from farmers and landowners in Ireland. This generates an income for rural communities and helps landowners to keep their land.

The best part is that often bogs that have been drained are not the best land for farming, so using them as carbon sinks is a great alternative. We can also plant native woodland in a variety of places, many of which would be marginal farming land.

If you are a landowner wanting to establish a native forest or rewet native boglands, or if you have marginal farmland that may deliver better returns from carbon offsetting- we want to hear from you.

Our project process works like this:

1. Assess Eligibility

We check the potential project site for eligibility for our variety of projects. This includes checking it meets the requirements of our offsetting codes.

2. Calculate Feasibility

We calculate estimates of carbon offset potential through the most appropriate projects. We’ll tell you how much carbon your land could offset and how much work we will need to do to get there. This includes a site visit.

3. Project Planning

We do more detailed scoping and due diligence, and more testing. We will give you a detailed planting, rewetting, and management plan. This includes how the work will be done, timeframes, monetisation strategy, legal agreements, and clarifying responsibilities.

4. Reforestation or Bog Restoration

The project begins! It will be registered under the appropriate codes and authorities. Following the plan laid out earlier, we will plant or work the land to start offsetting carbon in a natural way.

5. Monitoring and Management

Your project will be regularly assessed and measured to ensure it is performing as expected. The maintenance will be managed by the Green Restoration Team. You will be kept informed of the project results and performance as it develops.

If you are interested in leasing us your land for carbon offsetting projects – contact us.

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