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As a cooperative, Green Restoration Ireland strives to provide its members with the best service possible. We are here to do as much good as we can.

What is a Cooperative?

A Cooperative works as a limited company where all members are responsible. We have members (instead of shareholders) and every member is equal. That means that we decide on the best course of action collectively.

Equality also means equity. For that, members who participate more, and trade more, get greater rewards.

We are open to new cooperative members! If you are interested in making a positive difference to the environment in Ireland you can join us using the button below.

Membership Structure and Entitlements

AffiliateSupporter or
Land Owner
Full Member
Number of shares
Forum space accessLimitedLimitedFull
Max number of this member type2003020
Voting rights1 vote per 5 Affiliates1 vote per 2 Supporters/Landowners1 vote per Full member
Share fee

Green Restoration Ireland is a cooperative taking action to support the interest of its members, both directly and through partner organisations. By joining us, you are building towards a better future for the Irish environment.

Please make membership payment to:
Green Restoration Ireland
IBAN: IE30AIBK93001603109089
With your name in the description

If you have any questions about GRI or about becoming a member, please contact us. We are happy to help.