Ireland – Back to the Future

We are not condemned to inexorably lose our irreplaceable natural heritage and so forget the wildlife and flora that make our country Ireland. We have the power to heal and restore for all in our countryside so revitalising our rural communities and improving our natural landscape.

Through ecological restoration we can not just slow the loss of our animal and plantlife but make it better by restoring some of what we have lost. And back with the biodiversity, back comes the biodiversity services. These include flood control and regulation of waters, provision of pollinators for our crops, aesthetic, cultural and recreational resources for our tourism and of course global heating, the fundamental challenge of our times.

Many have talked of inventing a technology to suck carbon dioxide from the air but we already have it – it’s called a tree. Also in the low oxygen conditions of our waterlogged bogs, fens and marshes, plants accumulate quicker than bacteria can break them down accumulating carbon and burying it underneath an ever-deepening layer of peat.

In this way, we can kill many birds with one stone (hypothetically, of course).

Fighting the climate crisis, controlling flooding, maintaining the water quality of our lakes and rivers, cleaning our airs, beautify our landscape and maintain pollinators for our crops – not to mention saving the birds too including iconic species such as the curlew, lapwing and merlin.