Carbon offsetting is done by a variety of businesses, and one day we hope that everyone will be offsetting all the emissions they can’t avoid. Here is an example of one of the businesses we work with –

One Foot Abroad / Follow the Camino

Our first client is One Foot Abroad (and their sister company Follow the Camino), an active holiday package provider. The majority of their service is digital, working as a travel agent to connect clients with accommodation and travel services. Their team of 20ish employees operate from an office in Dublin.

One Foot Abroad has a strong set of company values that include a commitment to the environment and sustainability. Being in the tourism industry, they believe nature is also integral to their business. After a process of measuring and calculating their carbon emissions, they started reducing them. This included trying to support their clients in making more sustainable choices as well.

Once all the reductions had been done they started to offset the remainder through Green Restoration Ireland. We bought the Muckanagh site in county Mayo to offset their carbon emissions.

Here is the video they made about their bog offsetting –