We restore land that is rented from landowners here, in Ireland, and sell the carbon that is saved to businesses in the form of carbon offsets.

Landowners receive income and have their projects managed for them, and businesses and individuals can become closer to being carbon neutral.

Green Restoration Ireland is a cooperative that was established to help bring climate solutions closer to home. Many companies and individuals are recognising that climate change is happening rapidly and looking for ways to mitigate their impacts. This usually involves looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, and turning to carbon offsetting to offset the rest.

At the moment, a lot of the carbon offsetting projects available to people involve projects around the world, in far off corners that feel detached from the reality of climate change. Green Restoration Ireland focuses on bringing the impact of carbon offsetting home, to Ireland.

We have a large capacity to build green carbon capture spaces right here in Ireland. Our wetlands and boglands are an incredible carbon sink and can take in many tonnes of carbon. At the moment, they are being used for the opposite. The cutting and burning of peat releases huge amounts of carbon that has been stored in boglands for hundreds of years.

One of the main focus projects of Green Restoration Ireland is repairing and rewetting the bogs. This will stop the current carbon release and, in time, the bogs will start capturing carbon from the atmosphere again.

In addition to bogland restoration, Green Restoration Ireland is planting and nurturing native woodland sections. Trees are an excellent way to capture and convert carbon. They also provide a protected ecosystem for the other plants and animals in the area to thrive.

We believe that bringing all the additional benefits of restoring natural spaces home to Ireland adds more value than just the carbon it offsets.