Green Restoration Ireland is your partner for tackling your greenhouse gas emissions and fighting the climate crisis and sixth mass extinction.

We believe that we should take responsibility for addressing our climate impacts right here where we live and do business. Offset your carbon emissions by restoring wetlands and woodlands across Ireland.

Bog drain transversal view
Cutaway bog fields at our site in Mayo

Cneasaímis dúiche na hÉireann

Let’s heal Ireland’s Landscape

Using natural resources, science, engineering and best practices, our work meets the highest quality of carbon offsetting standards (the Peatland and Woodland Codes).

We will also provide alternative incomes for landowners in rural Ireland, and support biodiversity and the connection to the land in rural communities. Our work is collaborative, acknowledging and respecting the history and heritage of the land.

Investing in restoring natural spaces here gives our indigenous fauna and flora a chance to flourish and do what it does naturally. It will regenerate itself, our environment and the ecosystem services it provides.

Join our journey to a more sustainable Ireland.